Das japanische Gedächtnis - 日本の想い、ドイツの想い


Polinahe "Live" 2009. The Sound of the Islands

"A special Hawaiian concert for healing the hearts and minds of the victims of Kamaishi was held on Oct. 15th with the support of the German Language Fukuin Church. The people from the local area, and students of Kamaishi hula school gathered and fully enjoyed the pleasant music and performance.

The musics were performed by Polinahe which means “Sweet and Pure” in Hawaiian.

Traditional slackey guitar performed by Olaf san of Germany, Ukulele played by Jimmy san from Hawaii and bass by John san from Japan.

Hawaiian songs mainly consists of “Nature loving themes” and “Love” songs, they said.

Miwako san with her dance added elegance.

Everyone tapped rhythm and listened carefully to the warm music and the sweet voices that wrapped them.

Ueno san (70 yrs old) said, unexpectedly I felt as if I was in Hawaii.  My depressed feelings were healed.  --"